Melissa's been a voiceover artist for over 20 years. She has been blessed to venture into all sorts of adventures: national commercials, animation, promo, trailers, radio, TV, film and so much more! Along the way, Melissa has found great satisfaction in teaching and supporting voiceover students. On-line classes and webinars are available now at LAVoiceoverAcademy.com (LAVA). The best possible mentor to have is one who has found success in her field. Melissa Disney is a working actress and is familiar with the current trends of voiceover.


Melissa was literally the first person to encourage and coach me in voice over, and only a year and a half later, I’ve already booked 3 commercials, an animated show and an audiobook. She is an invaluable source for all aspects of voice over– animation, commercial, promo, singing, announcing, you name it!
~Ashley Adler

I’ve been working with Melissa for over a year and she has been very encouraging in helping me truly start my voice acting career.  Not only have I received expert coaching but made an amazing friend who is experienced in what she is doing and knows exactly what to do for each person.  I feel she brings out the best in me and my voice-acting abilities and I would never have completed the brilliant demo I now have in my hands without her.
~Ariana George

Absolutely fantastic, I’ve been able to immediately apply it to my work and already feel a massive improvement in delivering the style. Best 20 bucks I’ve ever spent!
~Matt Conlan

Melissa Disney is truly one-of-a-kind.  She is the ultimate voice over coach extraordinaire.  She will push your limits to get you to a place that feels a little uncomfortable, only because she cares and knows that it will bring out the best in you.  My training with Melissa was imperative to my career in Voice Over.  She is among the best of the best and whether you train with her for a few sessions, a year or a lifetime, her creativity and expertise will leave a lasting impression.  Thank you Mel for being such an amazing and inspiring Voice Over Mentor!
~Michelle Sundholm

“What I love most about my lessons with Melissa is that she gets how to communicate to aspiring voice actors like me. I feel completely at ease when I work with her and end up not only getting things accomplished, but FEELING like I’ve accomplished something and had fun doing it. She’s a kindred spirit to quirky people like me, so I know no matter what crazy extreme I take my voice, she will never judge me and will instead, give me feedback as to what I can do with that aspect of my voice. She’s the sweetest, most encouraging person you’ll ever meet on top of being a great person and mentor.”

~Taylor “Angus” Gibson

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