Melissa continues her winning ways in animation and commercial voice work while breaking ground as the leading female artist voicing film trailers today. She recently received the award for the best Actress in an Animated Series at THE WIN AWARDS honoring women in entertainment.


Live Announcer for The Academy Awards, EMMY Awards, The Billboard Music Awards, Breakthrough Prize, The Country Music Awards, Fashion Rocks, Thirst Project, and The World Stunt Awards and more!











Her Animation fans know and love her as the coolest queen of the nerds, Ginger Foutley from Nickelodeon's 3-time Emmy nominated series "As Told By Ginger" as well as The Simpson's, Max Lucado's Hermie & Friends, Superman, Jakers! with Mel Brooks, Baulder's Gate II (Imoen), Batman, Winnie the Pooh, Disney's 102 Dalmatians.

“Melissa Disney, starring voice of the Nickelodeon series, As Told By Ginger, is credited for shattering an unwritten ban on women voicing action trailers, (Key Art Award winner for Best Trailer – Gone in 60 Seconds with Nicholas Cage). If that were not enough, she went on to win a Golden Trailer Award (Best Voiceover) for her work on the Warner Bros. Pictures’ 2001 movie Valentine.”
— Natasha Emmons, Hollywood Reporter



“The Gone in Sixty Seconds” trailer was voiced by Melissa Disney, regarded as among the best in the biz.”
— Caroline Ryder, Variety Magazine – Nov 11, 2008

Melissa will forever been known as the 1st female voice of Movie trailers, winning the Golden Trailer Award for her work in Gone in 60 Seconds" starring Nicolas Cage and catching the attention of Tom Cruise for "Mission Impossible."